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Autograph requests:

Online autograph requests cannot be processed. Please send autograph requests by post to the following address:

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picture credits:

Katrin Brockmann, Olivia Gräser, Rüdiger Klink, David Schellenberg © Darek Gontarski
Annina Euling © Elena Zaucke
Susanne Häusler © Mirjam Knickriem
Mirjam Heimann © Leander Sax
Katharina Hintzen © Stefan Klüter
Eva Mannschott © Steffi Henn
Dorothea Walda, Udo Thies, Jochen Stern © Fabian Stuertz
Dagmar Sachse © Sibylle Anneck
Monika Wegener © Jeanne Degraa
Christian Beermann © Max Sonnenschein
Richard Barenberg © Markus Rack
Ludwig Böttger © Tanja Dorendorf
Thomas Brandt © Emanuel Malzew
Christian Feist © Julia Feldhagen
Sven Gey © Steffi Henn
Andreas Grötzinger © Annemone Taake
Manfred Möck © Ev Weiss
Seán McDonagh © Markus Bachmann
Andrea Zogg © Hans Kaufmann

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All photos are protected by copyright and may not be printed or reproduced without the photographer's permission.


Art Direction: Lisa Schweizer
Programming: rgb3000 | berlin


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Agentur Schieck
Film - Television - Stage
Owner: Susanna Enk
Hobrechtstr. 4, 12043 Berlin, Germany

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Susanna Enk
fon: +49-(0)30-65799040, fax: +49-(0)30-65799041

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